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Stacy, Yokohama

"I ordered Jamaican patties from an online service and was blown away by the quality and flavor. The patties arrived fresh and refrigerated, and I only had to reheat them, just like they came straight from the oven. The customer service was also excellent, the team was very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend!"


Yusuke, Tokyo

"I was hesitant to order Jamaican patties online, but I'm so glad I did. The flavors were amazing and the pastry was perfectly flaky. The customer service was also top-notch, the team was very friendly and made sure my order arrived on time. I'll definitely be ordering from them again!"


Susanne, Okinawa

"I've tried a lot of Jamaican patties from various places, but this online service takes the cake. The patties were bursting with flavor and the pastry was perfectly cooked. The customer service was also excellent, they answered all my questions promptly and made the ordering process a breeze. Highly recommend!. My husband said we should start a subscription, lol"

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